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“Muhsini” is a postmodern typeface drawn and engineered by Muhammed Hadi, paying homage to the evolution of the Mamlouk Kufic over the years.“Muhsini” was built upon the basis established by the Mamlouk Kufic inscriptions gracing the walls of the sultan Hassan madrasa and mosque in Cairo, Egypt.

Based on such illustrious eighth-century AH (fourteen-century AD) inscriptions, “Muhsini” assembles a complete Arabic alphabet Kufic typeface that is not even present at the sultan Hassan madrasa.

Full with OpenType features, updated proportions, details, and modern aesthetics, “Muhsini” maintains the traditional serenity of the Mamlouk Kufic typeface.

“Muhsini” is rich with letter variants, with 623 glyphs it provides proper letterforms for automated contextual relationships. With such wealth of glyph variations, a great variety of Swash and Flourish letters are provided by “Muhsini” to meet all graphic design needs.

“Muhsini” provides an individual font with one style.

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